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sick saturday

well working yesterday was not a fun experience let me just tell you that. and i dont mean that in the usual i hate work sense. I mean that in the im so sick i feel i could pass out sense. i had to work for 8 hours and ive still only gotten about 2 hours sleep. i keep waking up either coughing or because my throat hurts. god, i just want to rip my throat out already. and it wasnt one of those days when i worked alone either, i had a coworker(i usually dont) she could have worked for me if she really wanted to. but no, not even close. i hope i infected the whole hospital! well not really, because then guess who theyll ask to cover? you got it, me! and i know itll be on a day my sister goes into labor again, so maybe i dont want the whole hospital infected. but still, im mad. im hungry, tired, and mad, nad kinda upset. and since i havent eaten or slept very much in the past almost 4 days i am very emotional. thats all i have to say about that!

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1:57 a.m. || 2003-01-05